June 1943 in Montana

• June 1 – Rationing of liquor went into effect in Montana. A nationwide coal-miners strike drew the support of 1,400 miners.

• June 3 – A blizzard dumped four feet of snow on the Great Falls area, cutting telephone, telegraph, and power lines.

• June 4 – Striking coal miners voluntarily returned to work.

• June 6 – Three boys drowned at the Great Northern reservoir outside of Billings. Three Butte men drowned at Delmo Lake while fishing.

• June 12 – A major air battle was fought near Guadalcanal.

• June 13 – A freight train derailed near St. Regis, with 28 cars destroyed.

• June 19 – A B-17 bomber crashed just outside of Great Falls, killing six. Several members of the crew survived.

• June 20 – Three Missoula men were killed when a 17–car log train derailed and fell into the Bitterroot River.

• June 25 – A violent hailstorm caused widespread damage in the Lewistown area.

• June 28 – The first electricity was generated at Fort Peck Dam.

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