April 1943 in Montana

• April 3 – A prairie fire near Miles City scorched 8,000 acres.

• April 6 – The First Special Service Force paraded through Helena prior to their departure.

• April 10 – A Johnson Flying Service flight instructor, his father, brother, and brother’s girlfriend, all of Missoula, were killed in a plane crash near Warm Springs.

• April 12 – The Second War Bond drive commenced.

• April 15 – Nelson Eddy entertained Air Base personnel at the Great Falls Civic Center.

• April 18 – Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was killed by U.S. fighter planes.

• April 19 – Jews in Warsaw revolted against the Nazis.

• April 20 – Sixty conscientious objectors to the draft were employed by the U.S. Forest Service as smokejumpers.

• April 24 – The Great Falls Victory Parade featured a display of warplanes and vehicles from the Air Base.

• April 30 – Representative Mike Mansfield gave a nationwide radio address on the situation in Asia.

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