March 1943 in Montana

• March 2 – Eight Japanese transports and four destroyers sank during the three-day Battle of the Bismarck Sea.

• March 6 – A major snowstorm forced closure of highways and the Great Falls Army Air Base.

• March 17 – A broken water main flooded part of Great Falls.

• March 20 – Two Nisei farm workers were killed by a train.

• March 25 – One hundred basements were flooded in Butte. Malta was flooded by Black Coulee Creek.

• March 28 – Floods washed out the highway and rail lines to Miles City, leaving two troop trains stranded.

• March 29 – The rationing of meat, fats, and cheese began.

• March 30 – The rail line between Butte and the Anaconda smelter washed out.

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