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Gary GlynnAs you have probably guessed by now, my name is Gary Glynn. I am the author of Montana’s Home Front During World War II, Historic Photos of Montana, and Remembering Montana. My work has appeared in Montana Magazine, American History Magazine, World War II magazine, Aviation History, America’s Civil War, and many other publications. I wrote the “Home Front” column for the Missoulian newspaper from 1991 to 1994, and was a major contributor to that newspaper’s “Greatest Generation” series of special editions. I am currently at work on That Beautiful Little Post: The Story of Fort Missoula. Once upon a time many years ago I graduated from the University of Montana School of Forestry. I served as Scoutmaster of BSA Troop 1911 for three years, and spent ten years on the Missoula County Board of Trustees for the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula. On this blog you will find information on all of my books, plus a small selection of previously published articles.

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