Montana's Home Front World War II

Montana’s Home Front During World War II (1994)

The Original Edition of

Montana’s Home Front During World War II

was published in 1994.

Montana's Home Front During World War II (1994 ed.)
Montana’s Home Front During World War II (1994 ed.)

Note: this edition is out of print. The revised edition can be found here.

“This book is rated good for general interest, is excellent for the wealth of Montana history contained within. A fascinating snapshot of civilian life during the war in an area with minimal population yet Montana had the 2nd highest per capita military casualty rate of any state in the union. There are many photos and posters depicted in this edition, stories of rationing and personal anecdotes. It is recommended as good general reading on the subject. The reviewer lives in Montana, is a WWII historian.”

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Shades of War
Chapter 2: Montana Goes to War
Chapter 3: The National Guard Goes Down Under
Chapter 4: Helena Welcomes the Devil’s Brigade
Chapter 5: Red Stars Over Montana
Chapter 6: Montanans in the Jungle
Chapter 7: Soviet Spies in the Big Sky
Chapter 8: The Helena Goes Down Fighting
Chapter 9: Montana Buys a Warship
Chapter 10: The Long Winter of 1943
Chapter 11: Taking the War to the Enemy
Chapter 12: Rome, Normandy and Biak
Chapter 13: Back to School
Chapter 14: Fire From the Sky
Chapter 15: Victory in Europe
Chapter 16: Peace at Last
Chapter 17: Aftermath

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8.5″x11″ softbound format, 224 pages, 185 photographs

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 Note: this edition is out of print. The current edition can be found here.



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