Fort Missoula’s Firehouse and Guard Station

That Beautiful Little Post: The Story of Fort Missoula is nearly ready for publication, so I will be publishing some excerpts over the next few weeks. This week I will focus on some of the more obscure buildings. Today’s short blog post is on Fort Missoula’s …

Fort Missoula’s Building T-46 was built by the Halloway and George Construction Company in 1940 and cost $59,838. It was designed in a Mission-style similar to buildings constructed 25 years before. The first floor held a fire station and guard offices, while there were cell blocks on the second floor. After World War II it continued to be used as a fire station until 1962, when it was converted into Fort Missoula’s Post Exchange (PX). In 1971 the U.S. Forest Service began using part of the building as office space for an archaeologist and fire dispatchers, while the Army Reserve used the garage as a repair shop. Today it is home to the Forest Service’s Fire and Aviation Management division.IMG_0244

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