January 1943 in Montana

January 1943

• January 1 – The point rationing system began.
• January 4 – Montana pioneer Andrew Garcia died at Fish Creek at age 86. The USS Helena bombarded Japanese on Munda, then was attacked by dive-bombers.
• January 14 – President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met in Casablanca.
• January 15 – The WPB ordered bakeries to stop slicing bread.
• January 16 – The production of firearms, ammunition, and fishing tackle was completely halted. The sale of typewriters to the public was also halted.
• January 21 – A blizzard raged across the northern plains of Montana. Schools closed as roads drifted in throughout much of northern Montana. Temperatures plummeted to 30 degrees below zero.
• January 23 – The 163rd Regiment overcame the last Japanese resistance at Sanananda.
• January 28 – One thousand people watched the “E” ceremony at the Anaconda smelter.
• January 29 – The Montana State Bobcat basketball team defeated the Montana Grizzlies 56 to 45.

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