January 1944 in Montana

January 1944

• January 1 – Civil War veteran Gordon Tupper, aged 96, died in Missoula.

• January 6 – University and Army trainees in Missoula put on a musical entitled “Memories on Parade.”

• January 8 – The Montana Aviation Committee met in Missoula.

• January 9 – A fire in Helena destroyed the historic five-story Montana National Bank, built by C.A. Broadwater. Two elderly women who lived on the fourth floor were killed and 8 injured. A 10-year-old boy who tried to rescue the two women was critically burned but survived. He was hospitalized until April.

• January 18 – The Fourth War Loan drive began.

• January 19 – High winds spread 300 prairie fires across Blaine, Hill, and Cascade counties.

• January 21 – Four students at Missoula High were injured, two seriously, when their chemistry experiment exploded.

• January 22 – British and American troops landed at Anzio.

• January 24 – Three died in a house fire six miles from Glasgow. Two miners were killed by a dynamite blast at the Brittania Mine in Butte.

• January 27 – The Soviet Red Army broke the 900-day siege of Leningrad. Robert Alexan Der Thornburg of Hamilton celebrated his 96th birthday. He fought with General Lee at Gettysburg and was believed to be the last Civil War veteran in Montana. Cold Wind (age 100) a Crow Scout who had ridden with General Nelson Miles at the Canyon Creek Battle against the Nez Perce, was buried at the Custer Battlefield.

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