August 1943 in Montana

August 1943

• August 2 – American bombers attacked oil plants at Ploesti, Romania.

• August 4 – Billings Polytechnic celebrated its 35th Anniversary.

• August 5 – A 7th Ferrying group pilot died in a plane crash six miles from Great Falls.

• August 6 – “Pitt” the elephant was killed after being struck by lightning in Dillon.

• August 8 – Great Falls Legion Juniors beat a Miles City team 8–7 to win the state baseball championship. An 18-month-old Chinook boy was found alive after spending three days lost on a ranch.

• August 9 – A Consolidated Freightways warehouse and 25,000 pounds of freight burned in Shelby.

• August 12 – A fighter plane from the 7th Ferrying Group crashed near Belt, killing the pilot.

• August 15 – 34,000 U.S. and Canadian soldiers, including the First Special Service Force, landed on Kiska.

• August 17 – The Montana Flour Mills Co. in Great Falls was destroyed by fire, along with 100,000 bushels of wheat.

• August 25 – Eleven killed in a B-17 crash north of Winnett.

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