July 1943 in Montana

• July 1 – Ernest Melby became Chancellor of the Montana University system. Newsprint production was slashed.

• July 2 – Four were killed in a tanker truck fire at Cut Bank.

• July 4 – Frank O’Neill of Great Falls, a cook during the Civil War, celebrated his 104th birthday.

• July 6 – Struck by three Japanese torpedoes, the light cruiser USS Helena sank during the Battle of Kula Gulf.

• July 10 – British and American soldiers landed in Sicily. Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra entertained servicemen at the Great Falls Civic Center.

• July 17 – 500 delegates attended the 25th annual American Legion convention.

• July 22 – Palermo captured by American forces.

• July 23 – A light bomber crashed at Great Falls, killing two.

• July 25 – Three miners were killed in a cave–in at the Leonard Mine in Butte. Philip Coleman was arrested for the murder of Carl and Roslyn Pearson at Lothrop.

• July 28 – A military plane made a forced landing five miles northwest of Reedpoint. The Japanese successfully evacuated Kiska without being discovered.

• July 31 – Temperature of 106 degrees recorded in Roundup.

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