Fort Missoula’s Headquarters Building (and one-time church)

Fort Missoula’s chapel was completed in 1885 with a rectory and classrooms built on the north end. During the late 1930’s the Works Progress Administration allocated $15,300 to renovate the deteriorating chapel into a new post headquarters building. A concrete foundation was poured adjacent to the chapel and the building was jacked up during the summer of 1938 and moved over the foundation. The high-ceilinged chapel was converted into a two-story administration building, and new windows were added. A courtroom was built to handle disciplinary cases, a heating plant was installed in the basement, and electricity and phone lines were installed. The courtroom in Fort Missoula’s Headquarters Building was used by the US Department of Justice to conduct Alien Hearings Boards for Japanese and Italian citizens, and later for Army disciplinary hearings. It was leased to the Air Force between 1962 and 1965 and then to the US.Forest Service’s Equipment and Development center. The Historical Museum at Fort Missoula purchased the building  from the Forest Service in 2009 and has since restored the historic courtroom, which was revealed during renovations.  Dr. Robert M. Brown of the Historical Museum said “We didn’t know the courtroom was there. We didn’t know it was the church. We just loved the basement.”

Fort Missoula's Post Headquarters
Fort Missoula’s Post Headquarters

Fort Missoula’s Firehouse/Guardhouse

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