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August 1944 in Montana

August 1 – The Helena rodeo opened.

August 2 – Miners Field Day was celebrated in Butte.

August 7 – The 13th annual Northern Montana Fair opened to record attendance in Great Falls. A pilot died when his A-20 crashed 14 miles from Great Falls.

August 8 – A woman taxi driver was beaten and robbed of $33 in Great Falls.

August 13 – The Midland Empire Fair opened in Billings. A strike closed the Pierce Packing Co. in Billings after the company hired a non-union carpenter. The company sued the union for $150,000 damages.

August 14 – The Cole Brothers Circus performed in Great Falls.

August 15 – Three drowned in the Thompson River.

August 18 – Five–year–old Charlie Crocker of Great Falls was flown to St. Louis for emergency surgery to remove a tooth stuck in his bronchial passage.

August 22 – State Treasurer Thomas E. Carey was found dead of an apparent heart attack in a Spokane hotel room.

August 23 – The week-long Pierce Packing strike ended in Billings after the company fired the non-union carpenter whose hiring led to the strike.

August 25 – French and American troops entered Paris.

August 29 – Soviet and Polish authorities revealed the atrocities committed by the Nazis at Majdanek concentration camp, where 1.5 million people were murdered.

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April 1944 in Montana

April 1944

April 1 – Kalispell’s long-time police chief Levi Gaustad resigned.

April 4 – A sheepherder was killed by lightning near Great Falls. He was found to have $10,000 in the bank.

April 10 – Fire destroyed several buildings at the Montana State Game Farm at Fort Peck, $15,000 damage.

April 12 – Butte deputy sheriff John Moore shot a masked man three times during an armed robbery of a private citizen. The gunman survived.

April 18 – Four small children burned to death at Hays on the Fort Belknap Reservation.

April 20 – The Hungry Horse Dam project was approved unanimously by the U.S. House of Representatives.

April 28 – A house in Great Falls was destroyed by a natural gas explosion.

April 29 – A two-year-old boy drowned in the Milk River.

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March 1944 in Montana

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