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October 1944 in Montana

October 1944

October 2 – A Polish uprising against the Nazis in Warsaw ended after 68 days, leaving 200,000 civilians dead and much of the city ruined. A staff sergeant of the 7th Ferrying Group was stabbed to death near Fort Benton, suicide suspected.

October 9 – Six were charged in the murder of Billings resident Frederick Kembel.

October 11 – Two German POWs escaped from a farm near Hathaway.

October 20 – Senator and vice-presidential candidate Harry Truman spoke in Butte. U.S. troops landed on the Philippine island of Leyte.

October 23 – Two German POWs escaped from the Sidney camp. One was believed to be wearing women’s clothing after performing in a play.

October 26 – The Montana Education Association met in Helena.

October 28 – Prison inmates and Warm Springs patients helped the Forest Service put out a 90-acre fire near the Deer Lodge racetrack.

October 29 – Pheasant season opened.

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