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May 1944 in Montana

May 1944 in Montana

May 2 – A fire at the Carston Packing Company in Billings

caused $7,000 damage.

May 3-5 – Personnel at Gore Field presented “Desert Fever,”

a six–act play, at the Rainbow Theater in Great Falls.

May 4 – A Butte apartment building was destroyed by dynamite,

severely injuring one man. The suspect rented an apartment just minutes before the blast.

May 13 – Six crewmen died and five were rescued when a

bomber from Casper, Wyoming crashed two miles northwest

of Miles City. A new oil well in the Gage Dome north of

Roundup produced 5,000 barrels a day.

May 18 – The 163rd Infantry Regiment seized Wakde.

May 19 – Two hundred Butte miners from the St. Lawrence

Mine walked off the job because they disliked the foreman.

The miners returned to work three days later when the

foreman was removed.

May 21 – “I Am an American Day.” Two Great Falls men

drowned at the Martinsdale Reservoir.

May 25 – The Montana Stockgrower’s Association met in

Miles City. One hundred oil truck drivers in Laurel and

Billings went on strike, which ended after two days.

May 26 – The U.S. Senate passed a measure providing postwar

construction funds for Hungry Horse dam.

May 27 – The 41st Division landed on Biak Island.


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April 1944 in Montana

June 1944 in Montana


April 1944 in Montana

April 1944

April 1 – Kalispell’s long-time police chief Levi Gaustad resigned.

April 4 – A sheepherder was killed by lightning near Great Falls. He was found to have $10,000 in the bank.

April 10 – Fire destroyed several buildings at the Montana State Game Farm at Fort Peck, $15,000 damage.

April 12 – Butte deputy sheriff John Moore shot a masked man three times during an armed robbery of a private citizen. The gunman survived.

April 18 – Four small children burned to death at Hays on the Fort Belknap Reservation.

April 20 – The Hungry Horse Dam project was approved unanimously by the U.S. House of Representatives.

April 28 – A house in Great Falls was destroyed by a natural gas explosion.

April 29 – A two-year-old boy drowned in the Milk River.

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March 1944 in Montana

May 1944 in Montana (coming soon)


November 1943 in Montana

November 1943 in Montana

• November 1 – American Marines landed on Bougainville in the Solomon Islands.

• November 5 – American carrier planes and heavy bombers attacked Japanese warships at Rabaul.

• November 7 – A natural gas explosion in Anaconda leveled a block–long federal housing project, injuring two.

• November 11 – Henry L. Myers, former U.S. Senator from Montana (1911-1923) and associate justice of the Montana Supreme Court (1927-1929), died in Billings.

• November 17 – Two Great Northern “speeder” cars carrying members of a track repair crew crashed 35 miles east of Libby, with three killed and 12 injured.

• November 20 – U.S. Marines landed on Tarawa Atoll and Makin Island.

• November 22 – President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Chiang Kai-shek met in Cairo.

Cairo Conference National Archives

•November 23 – A fire caused $11,000 in damages at the Albemarle Apartment building in Butte.

• November 25 – The Missoula Spartans defeated the Billings Broncs for the state football title.

• November 28 – Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt met in Tehran and agreed on the planned invasion of Europe.

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October 1943 in Montana

December 1943 (coming soon)

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